Making an entry for a overseas (non-UK) Crew

The steps for making an Entry if you belong to an Overseas (non-UK) crew is different from UK Crews, and you cannot use the online entries system.

USA CREWS: If you are a crew from the USA, please read this document first.

NON-USA OVERSEAS CREWS: If you are an overseas crew NOT from the USA, please read this document first.

To make your Entry please follow the steps below:

  1. Read the Qualification & General Rules document
  2. Read the Entry Form Notes and Guidance Notes for Clubs
  3. Download the Filming Notice - display this on your crew notice board
  4. Download the PDF Entry Form and fill it in on your computer
  5. Print and sign the completed Entry Form
  6. Pay online for all your entries here and print a copy of the receipt to attach to your Entry
  7. Get your entry form countersigned by the national federation(s) of the competitors
  8. Scan and return the Entry Form and payment receipt by email to
  9. Read the Notes & Instructions for Competitors & Coaches
  10. Read the Traffic Rules & Training Times

IMPORTANT: Your completed Entry together with the appropriate entry fees must be received by 1400 hrs on Monday, 13th June 2022.